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Greater Manchester, New Hampshire Health Improvement Plan 2016

The City of Manchester Health Department and the Greater Manchester Public Health Network are pleased to present the first Health Improvement Plan for the Greater Manchester Public Health Region.  Our collective vision is to transform public health in our region to an integrated system capable of seamless collaborations among all healthcare providers and public safety personnel with constructive engageGreater Manchester New Hampshire Health Improvement Planment of patients, families, and communities.  Through this integrated system, all people will have equitable access to timely, comprehensive, cost-effective, high-quality, and compassionate care.

In preparing this Plan, the Public Health Network and its workgroups have reviewed needs assessments, utilizing data from many different sources such as community focus groups, key stakeholder interviews, and surveys. Building on this information, needs have been prioritized and work plans have been developed.  This Health Improvement Plan identifies needs, goals, measurable objectives, and strategies to help us as we work together on solutions to important issues facing our community.  

We invite you to read through the report, study the objectives and strategies, and consider how you can become involved. The Greater Manchester Public Health Network thanks the individuals, agencies, state and local governments who have made this plan possible through their important contributions of time and effort. 

Manchester Neighborhood Health Improvement Strategy 2014

Manchester Health Improvement Strategy Cover

Through funding provided by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and The Dartmouth Institute, the City of Manchester Health Department (MHD) has been working with other local funders, community partners, policy makers, school administrators, City Departments and most importantly, the residents themselves, to design a "Neighborhood Health Improvement Strategy" centered around Manchester’s children and families. With the community’s input, the strategy includes recommendations for future integration of funding streams, service delivery, and accountability. In celebration of National Public Health Week (NPHW), the Manchester Health Department (MHD) proudly releases this document as part of a long-term, community-wide effort to measurably improve the health of the City’s most vulnerable residents where they live.


Manchester Blueprint for Violence PreventionCity of Manchester Blueprint for Violence Prevention Cover

The Manchester Blueprint for Violence Prevention is a set of comprehensive recommendations to create a safer, more resident-driven and involved community. The Blueprint is a framework to identify the range of roles and partnerships in which key stakeholders can contribute, and the model programs and local promising practices that can prevent violence with the greatest impact. Given the complexity of issues, policies, and systems that promote or prevent violence, success requires an action plan that coordinates, supports, and strengthens a range of efforts. Since the cost of delay is too high in terms of risk, pain, suffering, and premature death, its focus is to address problems before violence occurs. This is known as primary prevention. Moreover, the Blueprint emphasizes community-wide or “environmental” outcomes and addresses all forms of violence, spanning across all ages, sectors of community and neighborhoods.

Believe in a Healthy Community

This report is a collection of key measures or “indicators” of the health and well-being of people in Manchester and the surrounding towns. Envisioned by the Healthy Manchester Leadership Council (HMLC) and developed by the Data Committee of the Manchester Sustainable Access Project (MSAP), the needs assessment is based on a local framework for a healthy Manchester.

“Believe in a Healthy Community” is a community data resource for residents, decision-makers, and organizations. The information it presents will be used to guide decision-making and planning for community health improvement.

Archived Reports and Documents

The Archived Reports and Documents includes some of the following:

  • A Call to Action
  • Manchester Health Department 2005 Report Card
  • Snapshots of Social and Economic Well-Being by Race and Ethnicity in our Community
  • Turn of the Century 1999 Annual Report
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