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Vision Insurance

EyeGlassesAndPaperGuardian Vision Plan

The City of Manchester offers the Guardian Vision plan to all employees and their dependents.

This benefit is entirely managed and paid for by employees, who are responsible for 100% of the plan's cost. The costs will be deducted from payroll.

Anthem Vision Reimbursement Program

To be eligible for Annual Preventative Appointments and Hardware Reimbursement, you must be enrolled in the City's Anthem Health Plan. 

  • Eye Exam:  Annual preventative exams are covered at 100% with Anthem in-network providers. Anthem allows for one exam per member per calendar year.
  • Vision Hardware: $100 reimbursement every 2 years for lenses and frames.

To Get Reimbursed
Complete the Vision Reimbursement Form and submit to Anthem along with copies of your receipts to receive reimbursement.

Send to:
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
PO Box 533
North Haven, CT 06473-0533