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Veteran's Memorial Park


Tensile Structure and Stage


Veteran's Memorial Park is located on Elm Street between Central and Merrimack streets.


Route 293 North to Granite Street Bridge Exit (exit #5 )right at the end of the ramp onto Granite Street. Cross Granite Street Bridge, then left at 3rd traffic light (Elm Street, at SNHU Arena). Park is one block north.

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Veteran's Park is the destination for outdoor concerts and festivals. The JB Batalis public restrooms are open during various downtown events. The Park also sports a large covered stage from spring into early fall.

A new World War II monument was erected in summer 2009.

WWII Monument

Requests for Use:

  • Submit a letter requesting the use of the Park with dates, times and an in-depth description of the event.
  • The Department requires a certificate of insurance in the amount of one million dollars general liability, naming the City of Manchester as additional insured.  This certificate should be in place ten days prior to the event.
  • PARK USE ONLY  - An attendant must be assigned to the facility for the event.  The attendant monitors the park activities, provides information and assists the event manager with access to amenities.  Additional services provided include access to electricity behind main stage and light trash removal during and after the event.  Electrical requirements above and beyond those provided are the responsibility of the applicant.  Removal of trash above and beyond the usual and customary may be invoiced to the applicant.  The cost of the attendant will be at a rate of $50.00 per hour for a minimum of three hours.   The attendant stays for the entire event plus one hour after.   The cost of additional trash removal will be determined by the Manchester Highway Department and invoiced accordingly.
  • STAGE USE - Organizations requiring use of the STAGE and associated electricity will be assessed a usage fee of $250.00. (Available only from May 1 to mid September).
  • Organizations requiring use of the STAGE and PARK will be assessed both of the above fees.
  • Each organization will be provided use for ONE DATE only in any 6 month period.  No multiple dates or concurrent days will be accepted.  Park usage should not exceed 8 hours in a given day.
  • Any advertisement or placement of banners in the park must receive prior approval from the Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Department.  Placement of banners that requires our assistance may involve additional fees.
  • No vehicles are allowed in the Park without Department approval.  No vendors or concession carts are allowed in or on the perimeter of the park without approval of the Department.
  • The Department will approve all entertainment to be performed by organizations using the Park.  The Department reserves the right to restrict noise levels and time frames related to such entertainment.  The Department may require organizers to supply tapes or compact discs of related music for review, and consideration.
  • A license from the City Clerks Office is required. This will include a sign off sheet with Police, Fire, Health and Parks signing off.
  • No cooking is allowed in the Park except for a licensed caterer approved by the Health Department.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Park.
  • The Park may not be closed to the Public.


Back when cars were not so common, you saw horses everywhere. A person who lived in the mid-late 1800’s could see horses grazing where they pleased on a grassy field in the middle of the business district (like a gas station). Veteran’s Park is the first downtown park ever created in the city of Manchester. Over 30,000 people came by train to see the opening of this park on September 11th, 1879.

Originally, the park was meant to serve as a memorial for the brave souls who fought in the Civil War in order to preserve the Union. Currently, it serves as a memorial for the veterans of World War I, the Korea War, the Vietnam War, and World War II. Recently, a large octagonal memorial to the World War II veterans from Manchester was built. There used to be a similar memorial for the World War II veterans, however, it was temporary and dismantled in 1958. The new memorial isn’t just an octagon, like the original memorial was. This new memorial includes markers and benches with the names of those from Manchester who have served their nation. Also, there are now trees that are specifically dedicated to Manchester citizens who have fought and died in Iraq.

Presently, Veteran’s Park is not only a memorial. It is also a place where occasions such as fairs, lectures, and film festivals are held. These events include People Fest, the Downtown Film Fest, the YWCA’s Take Back the Night, the annual Adopt-A-Block fair, and many more.

History of Veteran’s Park researched and written by: Samah D. from Manchester Memorial High School Class of 2011.