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Adopt-A-Site Forms

Adopt-A-Site Forms

  • Initial Contact Form
    We provide various opportunities if you or your organization want to adopt a park, cemetery, trail, or median. Opportunities range from a one-time event for an individual or group to an ongoing commitment renewed annually. Start your journey by emailing this completed form to the Adopt-A-Site email address

  • Agreements
    All Adopters and Volunteers must complete and sign an agreement before beginning any Adopt-A-Site Program activities. Group Adopter AgreementIndividual Adopter Agreement, Group Volunteer Agreement

  • Release and Hold Harmless Agreement
    Each participating individual must sign a Release Agreement before they perform any Adopt-A-Site activity. Email or deliver to DPW all signed releases within a week of the Adopt-A-Site activity.

  • Adopt A Site Map
    Map of Current Adopt-A-Sites.

  • Drought Tolerant Plants
    The City suggests using drought-tolerant plants to reduce the need for irrigation. We refer to the University of New Hampshire's list.

  • Native Species List (UNH)
    In all planting areas, the City prefers native species to increase their chances of thriving.