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Station 2 - South Main Street

Station 2
Station 2 - 527 South Main St.

The original Fire King 2 was housed in the old central fire station on Vine St.(the original 2 still resides on the sign outside central). The apparatus consisted of an Amoskeag steam fire engine and a horse drawn hose wagon.

In 1886, a fire station was built on 76 North Main St. on the west side in what was known at the time as "Squag Village". This station housed Engine 2 until around 1970 when the company was moved to its present location at 525 South Main St., about a mile south of the North Main St. station, replacing Engine 12 which was taken out of service.

The fire station on North Main St. was closed on September 24th, 1977. The old Fire Station was restored and converted to a senior citizens center and a west side branch of the city library.The old fire station still retains much of its old firehouse character with the original hardwood floors and woodwork. Photographs of the old station and its apparatus decorate the meeting rooms.

The present Station 2 was built in 1912 and occupied in 1914. The company was then known as Hook and Ladder 8. The building remained unchanged until 1977 when a third bay was added to the north side of the building to house a larger ladder truck.

In the early spring of 2005 the station was closed in order for it to undergo an extensive rehabilitation. City fathers appropriated approximately $1.6 million for the construction process to bring the building up to code and up to today's standards. While demolition was extensive, the character of the 94 year old building was kept in tact during the redesign.

Most of the bunk room floors were replaced with new wood flooring. Those that were not replaced were sanded and refinished. The exterior of the 1977 addition was brick-faced to match the original structure. Interior brick walls were restored to their original condition, arched entry and doorways were maintained and even emulated with the construction of new walls and doorways. Original window openings were used and the original fireplace was restored as a functional gas fireplace.

On October 16, 2005 at 0800 hours Station 2 was re-opened. We now operate out of a 2 bay station, the pre-existing third bay being redesigned for more living space. The finished product gives us the tools and facility to serve the citizens of Manchester in a more safe, effective, and efficient manner.