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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Manchester Fire Department is to provide the City of Manchester with superior customer service and integrated emergency response to any situation that threatens the life, safety and well being of people and property.

The Department is also committed to maintaining its Insurance Services Office Class II rating; providing the most current information available on fire prevention, education and safety through its programs in the schools, workplace and for the general citizenry; insuring property safety through aggressive code enforcement and education programs and the prompt and accurate investigation and the determination of the causes of incidents.

To accomplish these goals, the Department will maintain the highest available level of fire, rescue, emergency medical, hazardous materials and code enforcement training, and education and wellness programs for its personnel as well as providing them the most current types of protective clothing and equipment to enhance their safety. This commitment also extends to the maintenance and operation of the communications equipment and service, vehicle fleet maintenance and inspection programs, and personnel support services.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to continually strive for excellence and seek to improve the Fire Department through innovation, education, teamwork and open communication, making Manchester a safer place to live and be a source of pride for all.