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About Youth Services


The City of Manchester Office of Youth Services advocates for youth and their families by providing a safe environment to address the needs of today's youth.


Our History

The Office of Youth Services (OYS) began in 1971 as a Court Diversion program. Today, we handle a variety of activities and manage a number of programs. OYS works everyday with the troubled youth of Manchester and their families to prevent crime and violence, while being a voice for youth as individuals and in public policy. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen and an Advisory Board supervise OYS. Referrals are accepted from parents, schools, and other agencies.


Our Philosophy

OYS is committed to improving the way we prevent juvenile delinquency by insuring that we offer quick response to the problems of youth, working with families and utilizing community resources for program development, information update and dissemination, and education access. Youth participation and responsibility play a large part in the short-term intervention.



OYS works in conjunction with individuals, city agencies, and community organizations to bring delinquency prevention, effective action, and strong advocacy together for a stronger, safer Manchester. OYS is on call to the Manchester Police Department.


OYS Staff

The OYS Staff is comprised of dedicated professionals committed to assisting the youth of Manchester. Most hold Master's level degrees and have years of experience in their respective areas.


OYS Staff Directory


Michael Quigley, Youth Services Director

Kristen Treacy, Youth Services Manager


Middle School

Alyssa Pinsonneault, Youth Services Counselor   |   McLaughlin Middle School

Stacey Sleweon, Youth Services Counselor   |   Parkside Middle School

Lauryn George, Youth Services Intern   |   Southside Middle School

Grace Urlaub, Youth Services Intern   |   Southside Middle School


High School

Mario Pena, Youth Services Counselor   |   West High School

Jeff Gore, Youth Services Counselor   |   Memorial High School & Manchester School of Technology (MST)

Maria Rojas, Youth Services Counselor   |   Central High School & Manchester School of Technology (MST)


Community Outreach

Yusufu Juma, Youth Services Coach   |   Community Based & Hillside Middle School

Lauren Ruffin, Youth Services Intern


Office Administrator

Kristal Pelham, Administrative Assistant II