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Manchester Water Works Chlorine Conversion

Published: 08/10/2023 10:30 AM

 Manchester Water Works (MWW) has scheduled a conversion of the disinfectant chloramine used in our water treatment process to chlorine to begin August 14th and continue through October 2nd (six weeks). During this time, you may notice a slight change in the taste and smell of your drinking water that has no harmful effects.

Periodically MWW switches the disinfectant from chloramine to chlorine for a maintenance of our water distribution system. Early on during the conversion MWW will also conduct selective hydrant flushing to enhance water quality.  This procedure is a common practice for many U.S. public water systems that use chloramine as a disinfectant and the practice is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which regulates the safe use of chlorine and chloramine. 

MWW routinely collects and tests water samples to monitor for chloramine and chlorine levels throughout the distribution system and will continue to do so during this period. Should you notice a change in the taste or smell of chlorine, MWW recommends:

  • Run the cold water tap for two minutes.  Run it for five to 10 minutes when water is not used for several hours.
  • Refrigerate cold tap water in an open pitcher. Within a few hours, the chlorine taste and odor should dissipate.
  • There are available filters that may reduce the chlorine taste and smell.  MWW recommends using those that are either installed onto your faucet tap or using a pitcher-style filter.  The filter should meet NSF certified safety standards and you should replace the filter as recommended by the manufacturer.

Individuals and business owners who take special precautions to remove chloramine from tap water, such as dialysis centers, medical facilities and aquatic pet owners, should continue to take the same precautions during the temporary switch to chlorine.  Most methods for removing chloramine from tap water are effective in removing chlorine.   Individuals with special health concerns should consult a health care provider on the use of tap water.  

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For more information, please review the Information Sheet on our website:


Or contact the MWW Laboratory at (603) 792-2855 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Manchester Water Works Chloramine Conversion

Published: 04/05/2022 2:45 PM

As most of you are aware, back in December of 2021 Manchester Water Works converted our chloramine disinfection process to chlorine as a preventative maintenance measure.  At the time, we indicated we would convert back sometime in the Spring of 2022.  We have seen very positive distribution system water quality results and plan to convert back to chloramine on Monday, April 18th.  We appreciate your cooperation through the conversion process.  If you have any questions about this conversion or other concerns about your water quality please the MWW Laboratory at (603) 792-2855 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.).

Manchester Water Works Service Line Protection Plan

Published: 10/23/2014 2:00 PM

Manchester Water Works Introduces
Our Cost-Saving
Service Line Protection Plan

Did you know that you own the water service line from your property line into your home?  Many people are surprised when they learn that they own and are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the water service line from your property line into your home. We know you have received at least two solicitations this year alone proposing to protect you against expenses due to such a leak.

MWW is prepared to handle the leak in your water service.… including:  Expenses related to repair work  such as costs to shut off your water service; hiring a contractor to replace or repair your leaking water service line; patching your driveway and re-sodding your lawn and turning your service back on assuring a tight repair.

Leave it to us… Make just one call and have Manchester Water Works take care of it. Save yourself the inconvenience and potentially thousands of dollars in repairs by enrolling today in the Manchester Water Works Service Line Protection Plan!

Homeowner’s Insurance isn’t the answer…  Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing water service lines and, even if it did, there’s typically a large deductible that must be paid first. Now, there is a simple way to avoid costly repairs to your water service line. Enroll in the Manchester Water Works Service Line Protection Plan and gain peace of mind knowing that if you suddenly have a leak, Manchester Water Works will take care of everything.

Guaranteed for an the introductory price of $75… Enroll in the Service Line Protection Plan and Manchester Water Works will take care of the repair and replacement of your leaking water service connection from the property line up to your shut off valve in the basement. If you have a leak from your water service, just call us, and we’ll handle it – for the low cost of just $75 annually. Our authorized service person will be dispatched to your home to take care of the problem.

Peace of Mind...  It’s easy to see why the Service Line Protection Plan is such a great value. Enroll Today! Enrolling in the Service Line Protection Plan is easy. You can pay the $75 annual fee by check, money order, or add it to your regular water bill. To enroll, call our customer service number at 1-603-624-6494 or on-line Enroll today, and you’ll never have to worry about expensive water line repairs again.

Eligibility… To be eligible for the Service Line Protection coverage, you must own or have a written legal responsibility and authority to provide maintenance for the water service line (and associated parts) to your residential dwelling (up to 2 unit multi-family). Customers on private lines are not eligible. The service line can be no greater than one (1) inch in diameter and must conform to the design standards of MWW’s Rules and Regulations. MWW reserves the right to deny plan coverage for any reason.

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