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Piscataquog River Park



Concession stand and soccer field at Piscataquog River Park

Location: This park is located off of Precourt Street in the West Side of Manchester.

Facilities and Amenities:

Piscataquog River Park is a very nature-filled place. There is a baseball field at this park, so people are able to play America’s most popular past-time. There is also a soccer field where children and adults can play soccer and have a good time. Nature trails are also a part of Piscataquog River Park, so anybody can enjoy their time with a nice walk, run, bike, etc. down these trails. Fishing is also a big part of the time spent at this park.


It is nothing but logic behind the name of this park. For it is named Piscataquog River park because it is located on the Piscataquog River. It is not dedicated after anybody, just named after the river it just happens to be beside.

History of Piscataquog River Park researched and written by: Catherine P. from Manchester Memorial High School Class of 2011.

Baseball field at Piscataquog River Park

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