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Uniformed Patrol

Police cruisers

The Manchester Police Departments Patrol Division is the largest in New Hampshire with 131 sworn officers. The Patrol Division is split into specialized units.

The largest unit in the division is Uniform.  Officers assigned to Uniform are responsible for providing twenty four hour, seven day a week patrol and emergency coverage in the city. Aside from responding to emergency calls officers assigned to Uniform patrol assigned areas take initial reports and enforce motor vehicle laws. Officers in Uniform currently cover three shifts with 102 officers and 17 supervisors divided between three shifts. Officers operate marked and unmarked vehicles while on patrol. Officers also patrol on mountain bikes, motorcycles and by foot patrol.

Police officersThe city is divided into three sectors; each sector is split into patrol routes. The size of the patrol route is determined by the number of calls for service in the area. Officers are assigned to the same sector for extended periods of time so they become familiar with the businesses and people living in the area. Each sector is supervised by a Sergeant.  Officers in Uniform also operate a prisoner transport wagon and the largest police department holding and booking facility in the state of New Hampshire processing an average of fifteen prisoners a day.

The Manchester Police Department prides itself on having highly trained police officers. Prior to their Uniform assignment, officers receive almost one year of training and this training continues once their assignment begins. New officers are encouraged to seek training that will help them develop their skills as patrol officers. Some of the training includes fire arms skill building, high risk patrol tactics and evidence collection. As officers progress in their careers many focus on training that will help them move to assignments in specialized divisions such as Community Policing or Investigations.