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Long-Range Planning (Master Plans)

Long Range Planning involves residents, neighborhood and business groups, developers, and other community stakeholders to assess how well existing policies, regulations, and City programs are working to meet their goals, maximize opportunities, and address concerns.  Specifically, Long Range Planning develops assessments, policies, and program recommendations to guide Manchester’s physical design and development in concert with the Master Plan. 


City-wide Master Plan and Implementation Matrix

City of Manchester 2021 Master Plan* (Adopted August 5, 2021)
*Hard copies are available for purchase for $20 in the Planning and Community Development Department located on the second floor of the City Hall Annex building, One City Hall Plaza, Manchester, NH  03101.

Plan Implementation Matrix (pending)

The Master Plan is a shared community vision that sets priorities throughout the community and informs decision-makers about community values.  The Plan sets the stage for appropriate future development of our City while preserving and enhancing the unique quality of life and culture and encouraging smart growth principles.  The Master Plan should be reviewed and updated every ten years to evaluate changing market conditions, demographics, residents’ values, state and federal legislation, etc.

Beginning in 2019, the City used a multi-faceted approach to solicit input and maximize citizen participation for the updated Master Plan.  From 2019-2021, the City offered various community events, small-group meetings, online surveys, and other input opportunities.  The ideas and opinions provided throughout all phases of this project helped shape the new vision for Manchester.

Plan implementation is a long-term commitment that is crucial for the success of the Master Plan. To keep the City accountable for executing the proposed concepts of the Master Plan, the Planning and Community Development Department created a Plan Implementation Matrix.  This tool will be used for tracking recommendations in a planned and managed approach over the upcoming years.

Together, the Master Plan and the Implementation Matrix ensure that future decision-making regarding development is consistent with the community’s vision and residents’ expectations for a higher quality of life.


Other Long-Range City Plans and Programs

Affordable Housing Taskforce Report – 2021

Natural Resources Inventory Report – 2021

Manchester Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan – 2020

Street Repairs and Improvements Plan– Ongoing

Combined Sewer Overflow Stormwater Plan

Manchester Urban Ponds Restoration Program

Manchester Proud Plan - 2020

HUD Consolidated Plan – 2020

School District Facilities, Capacity and Utilization Study - 2020

Regional Economic Development Plan – 2019

Manchester Connects – Action Kits - 2017

Manchester Bike Master Plan Routes – 2016

Manchester Airport Plans and Documents

Arts & Cultural Master Plan - 2010

Downtown Strategic Development Plan - 2006

Greening the City Master Plan (Parks and Rec) – 2006

Manchester's Economic Development: Plans and Studies

Manchester Wetlands Inventory Report - 2004