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Certificate of Compliance Program

Fees for the Certificate of Compliance program are as follows:


$25 per dwelling unit or rooming unit as part of each application for a certificate of compliance.


Dwelling unit: $50 per unit for each inspection to determine compliance.
Rooming unit: $25 per room for each inspection to determine compliance.


First reinspection - no charge.
Second and subsequent reinspections - $50.
In addition, after a second reinspection, the fee shall increase by $20 for each subsequent reinspection.

Unaccompanied inspection or reinspection - $100 for each inspection or reinspection at which a building owner or his representative is not present unless such arrangement has been agreed to in advance.

Transfer of ownership:

$50 per certificate to assign a valid certificate of compliance to a new owner.

Replacement of certificate and permit:

$50 per document for replacing an existing certificate of compliance, interim rental permit, or transfer permit.

Transfer permit:

One to four dwelling or rooming units - $250.
Five to eight dwelling or rooming units - $500.
In addition, each unit in excess of eight units shall be charged at the rate of $50 per unit.

Special inspection:

A minimum of $200 for each inspection and $50 per dwelling unit or rooming unit for each additional unit after the fourth such unit.

Extended terms:

$100 per certificate to extend the expiration date of a certificate pursuant to an action of the Board.


No fee shall be charged under this subchapter for any residential rental property that is owned by the state, the county, the city, the City Housing and Redevelopment Authority, or any agency or facility licensed by the state. Further, no fee shall be charged for student dormitories, homes for the elderly, fraternal, charitable, or other nonprofit organizations which are inspected pursuant to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or state agencies.