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Welcome to EasyPark

City of Manchester, NH

The EasyPark device is an in-vehicle parking meter that allows you to pay for parking without walking to and from a parking meter.

EasyPark enforcement hours at on/off street meters is 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-8pm Saturday on Elm St. only.

If you are using your device on Saturday, PLEASE use the Saturday zone on your EasyPark device.

EasyPark is easy to use and will only charge you for the actual time you use!

EasyPark must be placed IN your vehicle to avoid a citation:​

                                       ► passenger side window

                                       ► driver side window

                                       ► dashboard face up - display clearly seen from the outside.

If you receive a citation, please visit  and click on the link /Departments/Parking/Citation-Review-Form.  You can also stop by the Parking Division office at 25 Vine St. or the Ordinance Violations Bureau at City Hall.

Please visit or the Parking Division at 25 Vine St. to purchase an EasyPark ($20) device or to get information regarding EasyPark

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Parking Division at 603-624-6580 or email at /Departments/Parking/Contact-Parking.



  2 Hour Limit     10 Hour Limit



Off-Street Lots/Garages and Permit Parking

  • City-owned parking lot parking permits - listed below
  • Monthly parking - Victory Parking Garage - 25 Vine St. - $85.00 per month
  • Daily parking - Victory Parking Garage - 25 Vine St. .75/h max of $6.00 per day
  • Parking permits valid 24/7 - monthly payments
  • Contact Us for more information
Canal Lot - $60.00 Victory Garage
$85.00 + $20.00 sec. dep.
Hartnett Lot - $60.00  
Lake Ave. Lot - $60.00  
Middle Lot - $60.00  
Myrna Lot - $55.00  
Pearl Lot - $60.00  
Pine Lot - $60.00  
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