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Listed Agent Application

Any individual employed in the business of installation or service of fire alarm or sprinkler systems may apply to be listed as a CITYWIDE Listed Agent in the City of Manchester, NH. Any individual designated by a property owner and has a working knowledge of the operation of the Fire Alarm System may be listed as PROPERTY Listed Agent in the City of Manchester, NH.

All applicants will be required to complete any application, attend and successfully complete a training class conducted by the Manchester Fire Department. After the application has been reviewed and verified each applicant will be scheduled for a training class.

A listing shall remain in effect until the individual no longer meets the requirements for a listing OR has violated the requirements of the Manchester Fire Department for Listed Agents. Listed agents are responsible for notifying the Communications Division of changes in employment and telephone.

I have received a copy of the rules and agree to abide by such AND that any violations of the Rules & Regulations will result in loss of Listed Agent Status.