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Hospital Insurance

The City of Manchester offers the UNUM Critical Illness Insurance plan to all employees (working 30 hours or more per week) and their dependents.

  • Hospital Insurance Flyer
  • If you choose to enroll in Hospital Insurance, you are acknowledging the following via this Disclosure Statement from UNUM:  

By electing coverage, I confirm I have received and read the linked/previously provided enrollment materials, including statements regarding eligibility for coverage, possible delayed effective dates, benefit provisions, costs, exclusions, limitations, terminations and benefit reductions, offsets and any required outlines of coverage and I acknowledge and agree to them.

Hospital Insurance provides financial assistance to covered employees and their families during hospitalizations due to accidents, illnesses, or childbirth. Benefits are paid directly to the insured individual, aiding in covering out-of-pocket expenses such as co-insurance, co-pays, and deductibles not covered by their medical plan. This coverage offers affordable rates when obtained through employment and is conveniently deducted from paychecks. 

Health Screening Benefit

Every year, each family member who has Hospital coverage can also receive $50 for getting a covered Health screening test, such as:

  • Screenings for cancer, including pap smear, colonoscopy
  • Cardiovascular function screenings
  • Screenings for cholesterol and diabetes
  • Imaging studies, including chest X-ray, mammography
  • Immunizations including HPV, MMR, tetanus, influenza

This benefit is voluntarily enrolled, managed, and paid by employees, who are accountable for covering 100% of the associated expenses. The costs will be deducted in payroll. To file a claim for any of the voluntary benefits with UNUM, please call 1-800-635-5597.