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Leisure and Entertainment

Manchester boasts a wide array of amenities focused on recreational pastimes. The local government as well as business in the area have contributed to an ever growing list of enjoyable activities to cover various interests.

Outdoor Recreation

If the outdoors is your source of enjoyment, the city maintains 900 acres of parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and a public beach. Additionally, there are several sports complexes throughout the city offering ice skating, hockey, roller derby and other team oriented sports. 

Sports Teams

If you prefer to be a spectator, The Fisher Cats baseball team is a local team entertaining fans throughout the area. 

Museums and Galleries

Just passing through? There are several assets in place to make your stay here more enjoyable. Visit any number of museums and art galleries in the city. Get activity ideas and area information at the Chamber of Commerce. There is always something going on in Manchester that is sure to make it a highlight of your trip. Manchester covers the whole range of activities that make Manchester such a desirable place to be.


Manchester’s rich history has been a draw for many in the area and we are fortunate to have local resources to assist you. Whether it be the genealogy of your family in the archives of the City Clerk or the Franco-American Centre, or general historical information based at any number of historical organizations and museums, there is a healthy amount of history around every corner.

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