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Human Resources Department (0419)

The Human Resources Department evolved from the initial appointment of a Personnel Director in 1967, which was established by ordinance on July 1 of that year. The first director, Wilbur L. Jenkins, had previously worked for J.L. Jacobs Co., which was previously authorized to prepare class and compensation specifications for city employees which were then presented to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The Human Resources Department’s mission is to attract, retain, and develop the best and most qualified employees for the City Government. The department works to improve productivity and promote quality performance of every employee. It provides human resource services to support employees and the employment process.


Human Resources Departmental Records, 1965-2017 (0419.002)

This collection consists of Employee Handbooks, Pay Schedules, and reports created by the department.

Yarger-Decker Records, 1999-2001 (0419.001)

The City of Manchester hired the Yarger-Decker company to revise its class specifications for city positions. The collection includes the reports of the company created for the City to determine new pay grades for specific positions.