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Fire Permits

The Manchester Fire Prevention Bureau offers several applications for permits that can be downloaded, completed, then returned to Fire Prevention Bureau, 100 Merrimack Street, Manchester, NH 03101 (phone 603-669-2256).

This page will help explain what the Fire Prevention Bureau requires before any system is installed. Below are applications that you will need to fill out after reviewing the rules.

The permits and applications may be easier to fill out if you go through the checklists first. These lists were created to help individuals in areas where there have been problems in the past. It also reduces the chance of having delays in application processing.

Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

Application for permit to install Sprinkler Systems, Suppression Systems, Clean Agent Systems, and other. Before completing the application, please review the Rules and Regulations and follow the Checklist.

Blasting Permit

Application for permit to store, transport, and use explosives, or blasting agents. Before completing the application, please review the Blasting Permit Requirements and follow the Checklist to help expedite the application process.


Pyrotechnic Special Effects Permit

Sample of the N.H. State Application for pyrotechnic special effects permit. You must obtain the actual application from the State of N.H.

Place of Assembly Permit

Application required for the Fire Prevention Bureau to verify the qualification of a ‘Place of Assembly’. Please review the Checklist to ensure you have all the pertinent information.

Recreational Fire Permit

An Ordinance was adopted in 2011 to permit recreation fires, such as "Chimenera" and "Coleman Bonfire" type devices, to be used in one family dwelling in the City. Review the Checklist to ensure your property meets the requirements. Please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 603-669-2256 to arrange for an annual site inspection. There is a $50.00 fee.

Foster Care Home

General Instructions and Procedures for an inspection for a foster care family home.

Day Care - Unlicensed

Instruction and Procedures for the inspection of an unlicensed family day care.