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* First Name Listed is Chairman of that Committee
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2022-2023 Committees

  • Board of Mayor and Aldermen
    Alderman Long, Mayor and all Aldermen
  • Accounts, Enrollment and Revenue Administration
    Aldermen Heath, Long, Levasseur, Cavanaugh, Barry
  • Administration / Information Systems
    Aldermen A. Sapienza, Stewart, Fajardo, Burkush, E. Sapienza
  • Bills on Second Reading
    Aldermen Gamache, A. Sapienza, Fajardo, E. Sapienza, George-Kelly
  • Community Improvement
    Aldermen Stewart, Trisciani, E. Sapienza, Cavanaugh, Heath
  • Finance
    Mayor Craig, Alderman Levasseur-Vice Chairman and all Aldermen
  • Human Resources / Insurance
    Aldermen Cavanaugh, George-Kelly, Barry, Gamache, Burkush
  • Joint School Buildings
    Aldermen Heath, Trisciani, Levasseur
    School Committee Members O'Connell, Potter, Hamer
  • Lands and Buildings
    Aldermen Long, Fajardo, Levasseur, A. Sapienza, Trisciani
  • Public Safety, Health & Traffic
    Aldermen Barry, Long, Stewart, George-Kelly, Burkush

2022-2023 Special Committees

  • Special Committee on Airport Activities
    Aldermen E. Sapienza, Cavanaugh, Stewart, Burkush
  • Special Committee on Alcohol, Other Drugs and Youth Services
    Aldermen Barry, Cavanaugh, Levasseur, Trisciani, George-Kelly
  • Special Committee on Civic Center
    Aldermen Long, Stewart, Barry, Levasseur, Fajardo
  • Special Committee on Energy Contracts and Related Activities
    Aldermen A. Sapienza, Barry, Gamache, George-Kelly, Burkush
  • Special Committee on Riverfront Activities and Baseball
    Aldermen Long, A. Sapienza, Barry, E. Sapienza, Trisciani
  • Special Committee on Solid Waste Activities
    Aldermen Stewart, Cavanaugh, Fajardo, E. Sapienza
  • Special Joint Committee on Education
    Aldermen Long, Heath, Trisciani
    School Committee Members O'Connell, Dion, Parr