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Crime Data

Manchester Police Public Data Dashboard

Manchester Police want to keep the public informed, giving them insight into what is occurring in the city as well as what the agency is doing.  This information is part of the Police Department’s participation in the CompStat360 initiative to better collaborate with public in solving public safety issues.  All data is subject to change pending quality assurance reviews.   We are now creating a weekly data dashboard to give citizens a snapshot of what is happening. Manchester Police will further develop this dashboard in the future to make it more user-friendly and offer greater details.

The image below is an example of what it will look like. For current data dashboards click on the Police Public Data Dashboard.

Data Dashboard describing Manchester Police Activity for date 5/23/21 through 5/29/21 Reactive Calls: 680 Breakdown of Reactive Calls: 87 Check condition of subject 51 Check Area for problem 41 Unwanted Subject 38 Burglary Alarm 37 Accidents Average Time on Call in minutes: 60.38 Median Time on Call:  27 minutes Proactive Calls:  700 Breakdown of Proactive Calls:186 Special Attentions 137 Hot Spot Patrols 133 Traffic Stops 88 Business Checks 38 Check Subjects Crimes Last Week: Violent Crime:  12 Property Crime 61


Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) is responsible for identifying series, patterns and trends in criminal activity. The CAU reviews police reports and calls for service, and uses this data to provide criminal intelligence that can be used throughout the department. This data includes the who, what, when, where, how and why crime is emerging and in what areas. This intelligence is distributed department-wide so that administrators, supervisors and officers can develop plans of action to address crime problems. The Unit is also responsible for mapping crime, tracking crime statistics, and for creating graphs, charts and timelines to better understand crime in the City of Manchester.

The Crime Analysis Unit adopted problem-oriented policing strategies to effectively reduce crime in the city. Part of this process is the utilization of directed patrols in areas deemed “hot spots” for crime. These proactive strategies allow the department to better use its resources by directing officers to areas where crime is occurring, or is likely to occur. The CAU uses statistical processes, crime mapping techniques, and criminological theory to identify hot spots within the city. This information allows police personnel to conduct intelligence-led policing efforts with the overall goal of crime reduction and better police service to the community.

Crime analysis is an essential resource that provides officers with the information they need to most effectively do their jobs. Questions regarding crime analysis can be directed to: crimeanalyst@manchesternh.gov


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