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Real Estate Process

Access Your Tax Account On-Line

For Information on whether or not your bills are paid, or what the balance on your account is, you can always contact the City of Manchester, NH Tax Collector’s Office or Access Your Tax Account Online. However, please keep in mind that between the months of July through November your account may only reflect the first billing of the current year. The annual amount will only show after the tax rate is set for the full year, which usually happens in early November.

You can also find out more information about your property by going to the new City Of Manchester NH Public GIS Map Viewer


Real Estate Tax Rates

The tax rate for City Of Manchester NH is usually set at the end of October for the billing year. This will determine if your bill will increase or decrease in the amount of taxes you will pay.

You can find more tax rate information on the different cities and towns within the State of New Hampshire on the Department of Revenue Administration website.

Also please see: The City Of Manchester, NH Assessor's Office and Finance Department.


Tax Year Tax Rate
2019 24.32
2018 23.68
2017 23.32
2016 23.14
2015 23.44
2014 23.50
2013 22.67
2012 22.18
2011 21.96
2010 17.81
2009 17.85
2008 17.35
2007 16.57


Real Estate Billing Process

The City of Manchester NH Tax Collector's Office follows the rules and regulations set forth and governed by the State of NH. In compliance with the NH State Laws (RSA 76:2), our billing year starts on April 1, to March 31 of the following year.

The Tax Collector's Office sends out the Real Estate Bills semi-annually (RSA 76:15-a). Our first real estate bill is mailed before June 15, and the bills are due upon receipt. You do however; have thirty days or by July 1, to pay before interest at 8% (RSA 76:13) starts accruing. The first billing is considered a partial payment towards that year's tax bill. It is calculated on half of the previous years tax rate times the assessed value of your real estate.  To avoid interest the first real estate bill must be paid by July 1, or thirty days after bills are mailed whichever comes later.

Before our second and final real estate tax bill for the year is mailed, the Department Of Revenue Administration must set the tax rate for the year. This usually takes place at the end of October. The real estate bills are then mailed out and are due upon receipt. You do however; have thirty days or by December 1, to pay before interest at 8% (RSA 76:13) a year starts accruing. To avoid interest the final real estate bill must be paid by December 1, or thirty days after bills are mailed whichever comes later.


Delinquent Taxes

Real Estate bills start accruing 8 % interest (RSA 76:13) on the unpaid balance the day after the due date. For example, the first real estate bill is due July 1. If not paid, it will start accruing interest on July 2, until the day the first bill is paid in full. The final bill is due on December 1. If not paid, it will start accruing interest on December 2, until the day it is paid in full. The City of Manchester NH Tax Collector’s Office mails out a delinquent notice to the taxpayer between the first and the second billing. This notice is considered a courtesy notice to the taxpayer. If you receive a delinquent notice from the Tax Office, it means we have not received payment. Any taxpayer, who receives a notice and has an escrow account with a mortgage company or bank, should immediately contact their escrow department. Within ninety days of the due date of the final tax bill, the tax collector sends a notice including all unpaid taxes to the homeowner. This is known as the Notice of Arrearage (RSA 76:11-b).


Tax Liens

After the due date on the Notice of Arrearage, the Tax Collector’s office begins the lien process. At least thirty days prior to the execution of the lien, a Notice of Impending Lien, (RSA 80:60) is sent to the last known owner of the property via certified mail, return receipt requested. This notice includes principal, interest and costs up to the date of the lien. The returned receipt or the unclaimed notice serves as evidence that the City mailed the Notice of Impending Lien and has met all of the requirements of the law. The cost of the certified mailing is also added to the delinquent account.

If the taxes remain unpaid after the date and time given for final payment on the Notice of Impending Lien, the Tax Collector’s office places a lien on the property. All principal, interest and costs are combined to form the principal amount of the lien and the cost of the execution of the lien (RSA 80:81) is added to the total amount due. Interest begins at 14% interest (RSA 80:69) on the unpaid balance until the lien is paid in full. The lien is recorded at the Registry of Deeds and a title search is done. A Certified letter is sent to each lien holder notifying him or her of the lien. An administrative cost (RSA 80:67) of $10.00 as well as any additional expenses incurred as a result of the title search are added to the cost of notifying mortgagees.  Taxpayers should also be aware that if the City places a lien on their property, it becomes part of their credit report and remains there for seven years after it is paid.

When full payment of a Lien is made, the Release Of Lien will automatically be sent within thirty days to the Hillsborough County Register Of Deeds For Example: If the Lien is paid in full on March 14th, the Lien Release will be sent to the Hillsborough County Register Of Deeds by April 21st, located at 19 Temple Street Nashua, NH (603) 882-6933.

If you are looking for a copy of your Lien Release, please visit our Information Request Forms page.


Tax Deeds

Two years after the execution of a tax lien, if taxes remain unpaid, the Tax Collector shall deed the property to the City of Manchester (RSA 80:76).

At least 30 days prior to the deeding, a title search is completed and a notice of impending deed (RSA 80:77) is sent to the current owner and all mortgagees (RSA 80:77-a) recorded at the Registry of Deeds for Hillsborough County.

Once the property is deeded, you, as well as anyone holding a mortgage, lose all interest in the property. To reclaim that interest (RSA 80:89:89) you or any mortgagee must notify the City of Manchester within three years after the deeding, pay all back taxes(including those which would have accrued had you continued to own the property), all costs assumed by the City of Manchester and a penalty of 10% of the equalized assessed value within 15 days of your notice of intent to repurchase. Should the City of Manchester decide to sell the property within 3 years after the deeding, the City must notify you via certified mail and allow 30 days for you to decide whether or not you wish to repurchase the property. (RSA 80:89)

View the Real Estate Laws (Chapters 71-90) for more information.




Central Business Services District Tax 

The Central Business Service District Tax is a special assessment to be paid by property owners located in downtown Manchester. This tax is used to help restore the vitality of downtown and to promote its attractiveness as a benefit to the community.