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OYS Services

  • Provide short-term crisis intervention to youth.
  • Keep kids out of the juvenile justice system for as long as necessary.
  • Ensure safety and positive growth for all youth and families.
  • Provide wrap-around services to connect youth and families to comprehensive resources.
  • Create opportunities for youth to connect to resources and engage in positive activities.
  • Connect youth and their families to basic needs and social support services.
  • Engage and support marginalized communities including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and new American.


Our Process

1.) Identify and Refer - Youth in need of supports can be referred by parents, teachers, law enforcement, court, DCYF, or through self-referral.

2.) Intake and Planning - Youth and their parent/guardian meet with an OYS staff member and discuss what is going on and discuss further resources.

3.) Ongoing Support - OYS staff continue to check in and support youth and parents as long as needed throughout the entire year, not just the school year.


Our Clients

Clients are residents of Manchester, NH or currently attending a Manchester, NH middle or high school.


Other Services Offered

In addition to youth who may be involved with the court or diversion system, OYS works with youth experiencing: academic concern/poor grades, anger and aggression, bullying and fighting, change in behavior/communication, change in family structure/custody, self-harm, death or loss, divorce or marriage of a parent, home stress, homelessness, isolation, moving residence/changing schools, sibling tension, substance use, trauma, truancy/school refusal, victim of crime or violence, witness to crime or violence, and more.


Our Collaborators

Afterschool programs, coaches, DCYF (Division for Children, Youth, and Families), group homes, guidance counselors, law enforcement, local community, parents/guardians, probation (JPPO), SAP staff (school assistance program), school staff, siblings, social workers, student resource officers (SRO), teachers, truancy officers, youth programs, and more.


Making a Referral

Anyone can make a referral to OYS. Call us to find out more and connect youth to services.

Phone: (603) 624-6470  |  Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm

Program Accessibility:  The City of Manchester is committed to ensuring access for people with disabilities in its programs, services, and activities. If you require that OYS programs, services or activities be held in a location adapted to your needs, or if you have accessibility needs related to information or communication, please contact us.