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Anger Management

Anger Management Group follows a twelve week rotating curriculum that focuses on the damaging effects that engaging in frequent and/or explosive aggressive behaviors have on relationships (focused on effects on family, school, and peer group). Group activities include relaxation exercises and self-reflection activities. Curriculum includes discussions on domestic violence, bullying, gender roles, and cultural stereotypes.

Crisis Intervention and Referral

Youth and families meet with a counselor to talk about concerns and problems. Youth are often referred to suitable services in the community to further aid the child in resolving his/her difficulties.

Fire Safe Intervention

Fire Safety Educators from Manchester Fire Department prepare an individual course of study for every juvenile fire setter. Lessons are geared to the juvenile’s age, maturity and learning style. Youth are referred by parents, court, police and fire departments, schools and other agencies.


A contract is set up between OYS and the juvenile to repay debt incurred by criminal mischief (vandalism.) Referrals come from the Manchester Police Department and District Court.

YES Program

Youth take part in Youth Educational Shoplifting program, which helps them identify factors that led to the shoplifting and helps them make better choices. Referrals come from Manchester Police and District Court. A fee is charged.

Program Accessibility:  The City of Manchester is committed to ensuring access for people with disabilities in its programs, services, and activities. If you require that OYS programs, services or activities be held in a location adapted to your needs, or if you have accessibility needs related to information or communication, please contact us.