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Ordinance Violations FAQ

What happens if I park at a meter and it will not accept my coin or when I do put money in, the meter doesn't register the time?

First check the meter to make sure it accepts the coin you are trying to use. Some meters accept nickels, dimes and quarters, but some meters accept only quarters. If you have parked at a meter that is not operating properly contact the Ordinance Violations Bureau immediately so that the meter can be checked for a malfunction.

Can I park longer at a meter than the time specified on that meter?

When you park at a meter with a time limit, remember that when the time has expired you must physically move your vehicle from that spot. You cannot 'feed the meter' for more time. This will result in a $15.00 parking citation for overtime parking. You can receive two citations in this situation. One for expired meter after the meter runs out of time and a citation for overtime parking if the Parking Control Officer goes back and the car is still there. If you have parked in a time zone and exceed the time specified you will receive a citation for overtime parking.

What is this odd/even parking during the Winter all about?

The City of Manchester's overnight winter on-street odd/even parking ban goes into effect on the morning of December 1st at 1am and will run through April 15th. (Property owners, please inform tenants of this parking ban).  Where parking is normally allowed on a street, the Overnight Winter Parking Ban permits vehicles to be parked only on the odd numbered side of a street on odd numbered calendar months and only on the even numbered side of a street on even numbered calendar months beginning after 1am and until 6am.  This means you should park on the even side of the street during the month of December and in January you will park on the odd side of the street, etc. etc.  If parking is presently allowed on only one side of the street during the day, then parking will be permitted on that side of the street every night.  No overnight parking is permitted on the circular portion of dead-end cul-de-sacs.  Fines for Overnight Winter Parking are $50 (after 30 days, fine increases to $75 , after 60 days, fine increases to $ 85)

What is a "Snow Emergency"?

When a Snow Emergency is declared by the Manchester Highway Department, your vehicle must be off the street completely or it will be towed. When there is snow, listen to local radio stations and WMUR-TV Channel 9 News to learn if a Snow Emergency has been declared, and consider enrolling in the Highway department's email notification system.

I just moved to this city. How am I supposed to know about all of these parking regulations?

Whenever you move to a new area, it's a good idea to check with the local police department about parking regulations, or any other rules and regulations for that matter, especially if parking is not provided where you live. Check with your landlord about where to park in the area if parking is not provided to you. It's also a good idea to at least occasionally check local news stations, radio stations and newspapers. Boston area news stations and papers do not always give local Manchester news information.

Can I receive a parking permit to park in front of my residence?

Resident parking permits are available for certain areas of Manchester. These permits are free but you must show proof of residency in the approved areas. These permits are only valid at meters and certain timed zones in your residential area. They are not valid during the Winter Parking Ban or Snow Emergencies. Call the Ordinance Violations Bureau at (603) 624-6546 between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm for more information.

I went to register my car and they said I had parking tickets on a car I sold months ago. What do I do? 

If you sold your vehicle with the plates still on it, then you are responsible for those tickets. Never sell a vehicle to an individual with your plates on it. Take the plates off, and the person buying the car must get a temporary plate at the State of NH-DMV before they take the vehicle into their possession. By leaving the plate on the car, you are still responsible for that motor vehicle because it is still registered to you. If you have a copy of the bill of sale, bring it into the Ordinance Violations Bureau and we'll see what can be done.

I have a walking disability parking permit and still received a ticket, what can I do?

Walking disability parking permits are valid in areas designated for accessible parking and where fees are charged, such as meters and parking garages. Individuals with walking disability plates or placards may park at a meter for 4 hours free of charge. You cannot park in loading zones, tow zones, fire lanes and no parking zones or timed zones and exceed the time specified. If you were parked in a valid accessible parking area and received a citation, bring in your walking disability permit along with the citation. We will make a copy of your permit and have the citation voided if it was issued in error.