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2021 Departmental Expenditures

Accounts payable expenditures by vendor totaling $10,000 and above for fiscal year 2021. If you have questions regarding the items below, please contact the Parking Division at (603) 624-6580.

Department NameDescriptionVendorVendor NumberAmount
Parking DepartmentBackoffice software/P&DsBANK OF AMERICA000039427$56,460.00
Parking DepartmentHandheld/software upgradeCARDINAL TRACKING INC000029116$10,441.00
Parking DepartmentOther Project CostsHOYLE TANNER & ASSOCIATES INC000001444$29,592.45
Parking DepartmentOther Project CostsKRISHA CONSTRUCTION INC000041368$515,679.48
Parking DepartmentP&Ds PartSmartP-CARD CALE AMERICA INC000039427$56,460.00
Parking DepartmentShuttle-MTAMANCHESTER TRANSIT AUTHORITY000001833$22,000.00