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Disabled Exemption

Filing Procedure:
  1. An income & Asset Application covering the full calendar year preceding the date of application must be completed.
  2. A permanent record card must be signed at the Assessor’s Office.
  3. If you feel you qualify for an exemption, fill out the Disabled Exemption Application along with the PA-29 then schedule an appointment with our office.
To qualify you must be:
  • The owner of record on or before April 1st
  • A resident of  NH for 5 consecutive years on or before April 1st
  • If real estate is owned by a spouse, they must have been married for 5 consecutive years on or before April 15th
  • Must be under the age of 65 on April 1st and receiving Title II or Title XVI Social Security Disability(Social Security Disability benefits convert to retirement benefits at age 65. Taxpayers can apply for the Elderly Exemption.)
  • Must reside at property where exemption is claimed
Total income from all sources including any retirement income and Social Security:
  • Single person cannot exceed $47,000 per year
  • Married person cannot exceed $63,000 per year

Asset qualifications will include any assets on the date of your application.

Total allowed assets of $100,000 for single taxpayers and $130,000 for married taxpayers,  excluding the value of your dwelling unit:
  • Include all personal property such as cars, trucks, RV’s, trailers, antiques, furniture & jewelry.
  • Checking and Savings account balances.
  • CD’s, IRA’s, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, annuities, life insurance policies, money market etc.
  • Any other real estate owned anywhere (individually, jointly, in common, fractional) including land, mobile homes, condos, timeshares etc.
  • Other assets tangible or intangible less any indebtedness.
You must provide the following (if filed):
  • Property Tax Inventory Forms filed in any other town
  • Federal income tax form with W2’s attached including all 1099 forms
  • State Interest and Dividends Tax Forms
  • 3 months of statements for checking and/or savings accounts
  • Statements for CD, IRA, 401K, stocks and/or bonds, life insurance policies, money market, etc
  • Statements of Social Security income and/or statement of VA benefits
  • Copy of the Trust if property is owned by a trust
  • Drivers license or birth certificate, Power of Attorney documentation
If you qualify your exemption will be:
  • Yearly exemption in the amount of $156,000 of assessment deducted from your total assessed value, or a percentage of that amount relating to the percent of ownership.  RSA 72:41 Proration