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Institutional Inspections


Environmental hazards are among the top health concerns many parents have for their children.  Since it is not unusual for children to spend from thirty-five to fifty hours a week in a school or child care setting, there is an expectation that these facilities will be maintained in a manner to prevent disease and injury.  Children are not “little adults” and as a result are more susceptible to the effects of environmental hazards.

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for inspecting childcare facilities, foster homes and other residential facilities as well as public and parochial schools.  Although the Manchester Health Department is not the licensing agency, a health inspection is required prior to the State of New Hampshire issuing or renewing a license to operate.  In addition to the standard inspection, the Environmental Health Specialists utilize this time to educate the operator in disease prevention.  By explaining such items as proper hand washing, food preparation and sanitation, we want work cooperatively to prevent the spread of illness in these facilities.

In addition to discussing disease prevention, Environmental Health Specialists spend a considerable amount of time discussing injury prevention. It has been well documented that accidents are the leading cause of death in all student age groups.  As a result, it is imperative that the institutions which care for our children are free of conditions which may be hazardous.

General Information

Non-Fee Inspections ChartThe Manchester Health Department inspects day care facilities as part of the State of NH Department of Health and Human Services facility licensing process. Prior to an individual receiving a State license, the Health Department must have inspected the facility and found it to be in compliance with HE-C 4002; " NH Child Care Agency Rules". In its inspection, the Health Department looks for adherence to requirements specified under section HE-C 4002.13; Health and Safety in the Child Care Environment, of the above referenced standards. These standards may be obtained from the NH Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Child Care Standards and Licensing, 6 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301.

City of Manchester Code of Ordinances

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