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Pine Island Park

Sign at the entrance to Pine Island Park

Playground at Pine Island Park

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Pine Island Pond

Historic Attractions

  • The “Honeymoon Express” – A Ferris wheel with a height of 60 feet. The car on this Ferris wheel were named after famous (and lesser known) cities from around the world.
  • There was a large carousel upon the grounds of the park, featuring a variety of seating options. There were sleighs and horses, very common fare, as well as hand-carved lions, tigers and other “marvelous critters”. This particular carousel was known for its speed and visitor to the park risked bruises to attempt to obtain the brass rings while riding.
  • The Figure 8 – Pine Island’s original wooden rollercoaster. Open from 1902 to around 1950.
  • The Wildcat – The Park’s second wooden coaster operated from the late 1920’s to around 1960.
  • The early 1950’s saw the park’s first steel rollercoaster which operated until the park closed.
  • The Park also featured a roller skating rink, a swan pond and small paddle-boats that were able to be taken out around the pond.

Notable Happenings

  • In 1907, William Ulrich crossed a 500 foot wire suspended across the pond
  • 1909, “Aeronaut” George Busher fell 1000 feet to his death in the pond when his parachute failed to open after jumping out of a hot air balloon.
  • 1910, “Beppo” the trained bear broke from his chain and ran about the crowds watching his performance.
  • 1912, a dirigible became unstable and crashed into the current rollercoaster.

History of Pine Island Park researched and written by: Max B. from Manchester Memorial High School Class of 2011.