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The Records of Charles R. Stanton

Mayor Charles R. Stanton
Mayor Charles R. Stanton
1970-1971, 1975-1981
Photograph Courtesy of the
Union Leader Newspaper


The Mayoral records of Charles R. Stanton consist of two separate subgroups within the record group, Office of the Mayor. Mayor Stanton served the City of Manchester on two separate occasions: 1970-1971 and 1975-1981. The first subgroup consists of 8 cubic feet and the second 57 cubic feet. Correspondence and reports are the primary items found in both subgroups.

There were two interim periods during both terms of office. In May 1970, Mayor Henry Pariseau died suddenly. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen chose City Clerk Stanton to fill the late mayor's term. However, before Stanton was sworn in, Alderman Thomas J. Enright assumed the position of mayor for a brief period of time.

The second interim period occurred in January 1975. Mayor Sylvio Dupuis resigned from office to accept the Presidency of Catholic Medical Center. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen chose Stanton again to be the successor but before he could assume his duties, he suffered a heart attack. Alderman Andre Verville served as mayor until Stanton returned to his office in March 1975. The papers of both interim mayors are included in each subgroup.

Biographical Note

Charles R. Stanton, better known as "Dick", was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, on April 10, 1929 and died in May 1985 at the age of 56. His career in Manchester City government was long and extensive. He served as a selectman in 1964-1965; as an alderman in 1966-1968 and then as the City Clerk, a post the Board of Mayor and Aldermen appointed him to, in 1968.

In 1970, Stanton served in a dual capacity as City Clerk and Mayor due to the death of Mayor Henry Pariseau. City Clerk Stanton was appointed mayor again in 1975 after the resignation of Mayor Dupuis. In November 1975, Dick Stanton was elected by popular vote, receiving 73.7% of votes cast. He served two more terms until 1982. Stanton went on to become the general manager of the Manchester Transit Authority.

In addition to public service in the elected arena, Mayor Stanton was involved professionally in the New Hampshire Municipal Association, the New Hampshire Charitable Fund, Executive Committee of the New England Towns and City Clerks Association, the Manchester Retirement Board, Catholic Medical Center, the Elliot Hospital Board of Trustees and the New Hampshire Mental Health Advisory Council.

Scope and Content

The Stanton collection is one of the most comprehensive in the Mayoral record group. His office seemingly did not throw out any piece of paper. There is a wealth of information on the minutiae involved in the operation of the Office of the Mayor.

His office staff annotated the correspondence, and these topic notations were used as series headings during the processing and cataloguing of the collection. The records were found in disarray due to years of inattention. However, the original order of most subjects was discernable because of the notations found on the correspondence. The folders in both subgroups are arranged alphabetically, mirroring the filing system of the mayoral office. In the case of larger series groups, such as the Manchester Housing Authority, subseries headings were created to reflect topics with extensive documentation.

The Stanton papers provide a valuable source of information to those studying the social and political dynamics of the last years of urban renewal in Manchester, and the emergence of the City as a strong economic force. Business development and downtown revitalization plans are well documented in the Stanton collection.

The Bicentennial Celebration stimulated interest in Manchester's history, and many significant buildings, such as the Currier Gallery of Art (now the Currier Museum of Art) and Smyth Tower, were placed on the National Historic Register to preserve their architectural heritage.


The Stanton papers are arranged alphabetically by subject and then chronologically.

Administrative Information

The mayoral papers of Charles R. Stanton were surveyed and described by archivist, Sally Stephensen, in September 2000.


The records are open for research without restrictions under the conditions of the Archives' access policy. Records may be copied for use in administrative, scholarly or personal research. Researchers are responsible for obtaining copyright permission to use the material from the archivist.


The records of Charles R. Stanton, Office of the Mayor, City of Manchester, New Hampshire.
Accession Numbers 2000.12 (1970-971) and 2000.18 (1975-1981)


  • Amoskeag Bridge
  • Amoskeag Industries, Inc.
  • Amoskeag Housing Corporation
  • Annual Arrangement (Federal Project)
  • Bicentennial Committee
  • City Hall Restoration (Spires)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Model City Agency
  • Mondev (Manchester Civic Center)
  • "701" Grant
  • Strand Theatre
  • Weston Observatory