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Motor Vehicle FAQ

EFFECTIVE January 1st, 2015
Any motor vehicle whose manufacturer's model year is 2000 and newer will always be titled. RSA 261:1

The first time you register a vehicle in NH you will need to go to your City/Town Hall and bring proof of residency (usually, but not always, something mailed to you at your address) and your Driver’s License. Once your residency is established you will show the proper documentation to register your car. If the car is model year 2000 or newer, you must have the title or the name and address of the lienholder who is holding the title along with your current registration. If the car is model year 1999 oir older and you do not have the title to the car, then you will need the current registration and you will need to have a Verification of VIN Number (TDMV 19A) form completed before you can register. This form is also available at City Hall or a State DMV office.

There is a fee that is paid to the City or Town you live in and there is a fee paid for the State of NH – Department of Safety. As Municipal Agents for the State of NH – MV Division, the Tax Collector’s office in Manchester is able to collect both fees in one check and complete your registration process for an additional $3.00. You can choose to pay only the City fee at City Hall and proceed to DMV on South Willow St to complete the process thus saving $3.00. In some rare cases it is possible that you will have to complete the process at DMV on South Willow Street.

If you have registered cars in NH previously and are new to Manchester then in your renewal month you would bring the current NH registration and proof of residency. If you are due to renew your car and it was last registered in Manchester you would need to bring your current registration.

It is important to note at this time that you should always keep your current registration and when you come in to City Hall to register you should always bring it with you. Do not surrender your registration when you sell a vehicle. You should always keep your plates and your registration. The buyer of your car would get the title signed over to him/her or a bill of sale if the car is older than model year 2000.