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CP Area Patrols


Captain Matthew Larochelle

603-792-5563 or mlarochelle@manchesternh.gov

Sergeant Emmett Macken
603-792-5429 or emacken@manchesternh.gov 

Cops - East

Officer Justin Maguire
603-792-5715 or jmaguire@manchesternh.gov

Cops - West

Officer Chad Tennis
 603-792-5768 or ctennis@manchesternh.gov

Officer Brian Karoul
603-792-5700 or  bkaroul@manchesternh.gov

Downtown Area / Parks

Officer Anna Martin 603-792-5722 or amartin@manchesternh.gov

Mounted Patrol

Officer Kelly McKenney
 603-792-5724 or kmckenney@manchesternh.gov

Officer Brianna Miano 
Contact via phone 792-5432 or bmiano@manchesternh.gov

MHA West
Rimmon Heights and MHA properties ‘west’

Officer Chris Cunningham
603-792-5647 or ccunningham@manchesternh.gov

MHA East
South Elm St. and MHA properties ‘east’

Officer Tom Whelan
603-792-5780 or twhelan@manchesternh.gov

Crime Prevention / School Programs

Officer Nathan Linstad
Contact 603-792-5437 or nlinstad@manchesternh.gov

Senior Services / Weed & Seed

Officer Steven Duquette
603-792-5431 or sduquette@manchesternh.gov

Youth Services / MPAL
The Police Athletic League is located at 409 Beech Street

Officer David Lisboa
603-626-0211 or dlisboa@manchesternh.gov