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Manchester School Grounds

Bakersville School K-5 South Elm St 2.93 Park / Playground Basket Ball
Beech Street School K-5 Beech St 5.7 Park / Playground Basket Ball
Gossler/Parkside K-5/6-8 145 Parkside Ave 21.59 Baseball Park / Playground Basket Ball
Green Acres/McLaughlin K-5/6-8 Aurore Ave 42.68 Baseball Soccer Basket Ball
Hallsville School K-5 275 Jewett St 1.14 Park / Playground
Highland Goffs Falls School K-5 2021 Goffs Falls Rd 14.17 Baseball Soccer Football Park / Playground Basket Ball
Hillside School 8-Jun 112 Reservoir Ave 13.29 Soccer
Jewett Street School K-5 130 South Jewett St 9.58 Baseball Soccer Park / Playground Basket Ball
McDonough School K-5 550 Lowell St 6.22 Park / Playground Basket Ball
Memorial C.Lemire Sportsplex High 9-12 Weston Rd 34.16 Baseball Soccer Football Track Tennis
Northwest Elementrary K-5 300 Youville St 3.83 Park / Playground
Parker-Varney School K-5 223 James A Pollack Dr 14.12 Park / Playground Basket Ball
Smyth Road School K-5 Bruce Rd 9.92 Soccer Park / Playground Basket Ball
Southside Junior High Middle 6-8 140 S. Jewett St 5.69 Basket Ball
Webster School K-5 North Elm St 3.06 Park / Playground Basket Ball
West/West Memorial Field High 9-12 9 Main St 10.15 Soccer Football Track Tennis
Weston School K-5 1066 Hanover St 2.62 Park / Playground Basket Ball
Wilson Street School K-5 Wilson St 1.15 Park / Playground Basket Ball
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