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Manchester Municipal Cemeteries

Cemetery Location Date
Pine Grove 765 Brown Ave (entrance on Calef Rd) 1851 275
Valley Pine, Valley, Auburn & Willow St 1841 20
Amoskeag Fieldcrest Rd. 1885 1
Merrill So Willow St and Huse Rd 1894 1
Stowell Bodwell Rd 1921 1
Hall Young & Sunnyside St 1921 .5
(aka Derryfield/Center City)
Mammoth Rd 1930 1
Piscataquog Bowman Street 1915 2
(aka Goffs Falls)
Brown Ave 1921 .25


Cemetery Dept established in 1858

Proceeds from sales of lots and graves are split between the Cemetery Trust Funds (75% to 80%) and the General Fund (20% - 25%). On an annual basis, a portion of Trust Fund Income is transferred to the General Fund to offset part of the cost of Cemetery Maintenance. Funds for burials and funerals becomes a General Fund revenue. Monies for Special Perpetual Care (which is no longer offered) is deposited into the Cemetery Trust Funds, with periodic withdrawals of income to support costs of Special Perpetual Care.

Rules & Regulations

  • No trespassing from sunset to sunrise
  • No Bicycles, minibikes, motorcycles, etc.
  • Premises not to be used for any recreational purposes whatsoever (no rollerblading, rollerskating, jogging, biking, etc.)
  • Trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, etc must not be disturbed
  • No flower picking, pine cone collection, etc.
  • No driver training
  • No one under 18 permitted unless accompanied by an adult
  • No jogging
  • No photo sessions
  • One urn per family lot
  • Decorations inserted in ground or on top of monuments will be removed at once
  • Balloons and toys are prohibited
  • Extra decorations may be placed 5 days before and will be removed 5 days after designated Memorial Day
  • Flags may be placed 5 days before Memorial Day and removed after Flag Day (June 14)
  • All spring and summer decorations will be removed starting on September 15th
  • All fall and winter decorations will be removed starting March 15th
  • All containers other than cement or granite will be removed each year
Contact Information

City of Manchester Cemeteries

Mailing Address
Pine Grove Cemetery
765 Brown Avenue
Manchester, NH 03103

GPS Address
Pine Grove Cemetery
450 Calef Road
Manchester, NH 03103

Get Directions

Mark Gomez
Chief of Parks

Phone: (603) 624-6514
Fax: (603) 628-6050

Hours of Operation

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Every Day
Sunrise to Sunset

Pine Grove Cemetery
Public Mausoleum

Every Day
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Shortcut: www.manchesternh.gov/cemeteries