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View of Mill West And St. Marie's Church with large flagThe Finance Department is comprised of three operational divisions: Administration, Accounting & Financial Reporting, and Treasury. Responsibilities for the department and its operational divisions are established in the City of Manchester Code of Ordinances, Title III Chapter 35 and City Charter.


The Finance Officer is the treasurer and custodian of all money and funds belonging to the city. In addition to other duties set forth in the charter or by law, the Finance Officer maintains accounting control over the finances of the city, prepares financial reports at least quarterly, and performs such other duties relating to budget management and control as the board of mayor and aldermen may require.

Accounting and Reporting Division

The Accounting and Reporting Division develops and administers an integrated cost accounting and financial reporting system that accurately and systematically accounts for all revenues, receipts, resources and property of the city and each of its departments; prepares the annual comprehensive financial report; reports details of the City's financial state to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen quarterly, or more often if required; provides information and reports to the Mayor or their designee, as the Mayor or Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall request, in order to effectively administer the budget.

Treasury Division

The Treasury Division analyzes and manages short-term and long-term cash flow requirements; maximizes the returns on city investments, considering safety, cash flow, liquidity, and risk; coordinates and monitors cash needs for investment and debt activity; develops a long-term debt plan, including criteria for the issuance of debt and an evaluation of how much total debt is justified; follows an investment policy covering the management of all city funds approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen; and evaluates revenue projections for each proposed revenue bond issue and report findings to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

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