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Note: If a vendor downloads a Bid/RFP from this website, it is the vendor's responsibility to periodically check this website for addenda prior to submitting a Bid/Proposal.

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Bid/RFP Information
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DPW:  Goffs Fall Bridge Replacement

Questions:  KC Moran at 603-624-6444


Prequalifications Due:  May 5 by 5:00 PM

Bids Due:  May 18 by 1:00 PM




Bid Tab

PKS:  Bid - Veteran Memorial Park, Fountain's Concrete Bowl Restoration Project

Questions:  Chris Sullivan at 603-624-6444 or

Bowl Bids Due:  May 19 at 2:00 PM #1 Bid Tab

WW:  Bid - Water Treatment Chemicals

Questions:  David Miller at 603-792-2851 or

Chemicals Bids Due:  May 14 by 2:00 PM #1 Bid Tab

DPW:  Bid - Pipe (PVC & Corrugated)

Questions:  Purchasing at

Pipe Bids Due:  April 16, by 10:30 AM #2 Bid Tab

DPW:  Bid - Aggregates

Questions:  Purchasing at

Sand Bids Due:   April 16 by 11:00 AM


Bid Tab

DPW:  Bid - Frame & Grates

Questions:  Purchasing at

Frame Bids Due:   April 16 by 10:00 AM #2 Bid Tab

DPW:  Bid - Deck Railing Replacement at The Derryfield

Questions:  Erik Krueger at  

Railing Bids Due:  April 14 by 3:00 PM   Bid Tab

Airport:  RFQ - Air Service Development (ASD) Consulting Services

Questions:  Cheryl Keefe at 603-624-6539 or

ASD Qualifications Due:  June 18 by 2:00 PM #1  

Airport:  Bid - Elevator & Escalator

Maintenance & Replacement

go to:



Pre-Bid Meeting:  May 5 at 2:00 PM

Bids Due:  June 2 at 3:00PM


PKS:  RFQ - Rockingham Rail Trail Project

Questions:  Owen Friend-Gray at 603-624-6444

Trail Qualifications due:  14 calendar days prior to bid by 3:00 PM    

PKS:  Bid - Veteran Memorial Park, Fountain Monument Restoration Project

Questions:  Chris Sullivan at 603-624-6444 or

Fountain Bids Due:  May 22 at 2:30 PM #1  

PKS:  Bid - Swimming Pool Chemicals

Questions:  Purchasing at

Chemicals Bids Due:  May 21 by 11:00 AM   Not awarded due to pool closures


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