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2018 Departmental Expenditures

Accounts payable expenditures by vendor totaling $10,000 and above for fiscal year 2018. If you have questions on these expenditures, please call Paul R. Martineau or Sandy LeBlanc at (603) 624-6484.

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Department NameDescriptionVendorVendor NumberAmount
Welfare DepartmentManagement ServicesMANCHESTER EMERG HOUSING INC000001810$76,083.37
Welfare DepartmentMiscellaneousCJ RYDER FLOORING, LLC000039344$14,198.00
Welfare DepartmentMiscellaneousKEELEY PAINTING COMPANY, INC.000039998$12,158.00
Welfare DepartmentMiscellaneousPELMAC INDUSTRIES INC000002401$14,232.00
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