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Citizen's Police Academy

The Manchester Police Department's CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY is a 9-week, 9-session program designed to inform citizens about the role of this agency in our community. The program consists of both classroom and demonstration formats with some limited participation, if you so chose.

Upon your acceptance into the program, you can expect an informative session examining all the duties of the Manchester Police Department.

Additionally, you will be exposed to the glamour and excitement you associate with police work, along with the processes that are less glamorous but vital to the day to day operation of this agency.

Upon completion of this course it is our hope that not only will you have a better understanding of our profession but you will have located a particular area of interest where you may wish to explore further and perhaps contribute to your community by volunteering.

It is imperative however that citizens understand that this is an INFORMATIONAL program. AT NO TIME SHOULD ANYONE ACT AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL. The information presented is not designed for that purpose.

Should you wish further information regarding this program please access us via email or call the Manchester Police Department, Community Police Unit at (603) 628-6132 ext. 5431 . We will gladly send you further information and an application.

With prior notification, reasonable accommodations can be provided.

Thank you for your interest in the Manchester Police Departments CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY!

Citizen's Academy Application

Manchester Police Department
Citizen's Police Academy Application

General Instruction

Read this form carefully and be certain to include all information requested. Be sure to provide complete addresses, including street numbers, zip codes, and telephone numbers, where requested.

Section 1

Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Date of Birth:
(Format: MM/dd/yyyy)
Birth Place:
Home Phone:
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Email Address:
Eye Color:
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Section 2

Why do you wish to attend the Manchester Police Department Citizens Police Academy?
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