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Station 10 - Mammoth Road

In 1902, the original station at the corner of Weston and Concord was built. It remained unoccupied until 1904, when a company known as Combination #2 was organized. It was made up of a hose wagon mounted with two 30-gallon tanks and a 25-gallon chemical tank.

In 1908, the name was changed to Hose 4, and staffed fulltime by an officer, two permanent men and six call men. On February 8, 1932, this company was reorganized into Engine Company 10.

In 1982, a new fire station was built on Mammoth Road and the company was increased by the relocation of Truck 3. The Air Unit along with self-contained breathing apparatus and mask services are housed at Station 10.

Station 10
Station 10 - 630 Mammoth Rd.

Old Station 10
Old Station 10