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Dental Insurance

The City of Manchester offers the NorthEast Delta Dental plan to all employees (working 40 hours per week) and their dependents. 

Delta Dental Contact Information:
Northeast Delta Dental Plan
One Delta Drive
P.O. Box 2002
Concord, NH 03302-2002
Customer Service: 603-223-1000 or 1(800)-537-1715

Benefit Coverages Paid by Delta Dental

  • Diagnostic & Preventative paid at 100%
  • Basic Restorative paid at 60%
  • Major Restorative (including implant services ) paid at 50%
  • Maximum annual benefit is $1,500 per person per calendar year

Coverage Information & How to Access Your Account

Health Through Oral Wellness Program (HOW) 

This program extends additional preventive benefits to those who are at greater risk for oral disease. Benefit enhancements may include sealants for children and adults, greater frequency of cleanings (up to 4 cleanings per year), periodontal maintenance, fluoride treatments, oral health counseling and tooth decay susceptibility testing.

Read the HOW Brochure to get more information! You can also go to the HOW website for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program call Delta Dental Customer service at 603-223-1000 or 1-800-537-1715.

(Please know, any additional preventive benefits you may qualify for through the HOW program are subject to the City’s dental benefit plan design.  These benefits are subject to the $1,500 calendar year maximum.  Also, if you qualify for additional periodontal maintenance services under “Basic Restorative”, you will be responsible for the 40% coinsurance).