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Banner Permits

Banner Locations(s) and Fees
(Costs based on a two week display)

Elm and Bridge Streets (EB) $500.00
Elm and Pleasant Streets (EP) $500.00
Hanover and Chestnut Streets (HC) $125.00
Kelley and Dubuque Streets (KD) $125.00

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen enacted a Municipal Banner Program in November of 2010 to assist in the promotion of cultural, recreational, and civic events sponsored by various groups throughout the city to improve the quality of life and offerings for Manchester residents and visitors.

If your organization is looking for a way to increase attention and raise awareness for your special event consider placing your next banner downtown over Manchester's historic Elm Street.  Other prime banner locations include Hanover Street and Kelley Street, two key corridors to active, flourishing City neighborhoods.

Below you will find links to both the Municipal Banner Policy and the Municipal Banner Application.  Please review the entire policy prior to submitting your application.  Applicants should note that the requirements for cross-street banners to be displayed at the Elm Street location has changed - banners at this location shall be made of vinyl mesh with a maximum weight of 10 oz./sq.yd. and minimum air flow of 25%. 

Each application must be completed in its entirety and include all supporting documentation before it will be considered for review.  All applications should be submitted six weeks prior to your event to avoid any delays during the review process. 

For additional questions or information, please call the Licensing & Enforcement Division at (603) 624-6348 or Email Us.