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Central Business Service District

CBSD Advisory Board

The Advisory Board shall consist of seven members, not less than five of them shall be owners or tenants of property within the proposed district. Owner-tenant members shall be known as district members. Other members shall be known as at-large members. All members shall serve for a term of three years. Should a district member cease to be an owner-tenant within the district, a vacancy shall occur. At-large members shall be residents of the city, and on removal from the city, a vacancy shall occur. Terms of membership shall initiate on the first of May.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall consult with the Advisory Board of the Business Service District in selecting specific services and levels of services to be provided in the district. These services shall be administered by the City Coordinator, his designee, or in the absence of the City Coordinator, the Director of Planning and Community Development, or his designee.