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Public Health Investigations


Environmental Health Lab MicroscopeEnvironmental health is that aspect of public health that is concerned with those conditions in our surroundings that may exert an influence on our health and well being. There are a number of both natural and man-made environmental factors, which can have a negative impact on the public health. Biological, chemical, physical, psychological and sociological hazards must all be considered if we are to make a positive impact on the health of our community.

Solid Waste and Littering

Download the City of Manchester Ordinances relative to Chapter 91 Solid Waste and Littering.

Childhood Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention

Investigation of reported lead poisoning cases, monitoring of lead-based paint abatement activity and provision of community wide education for target populations.

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General Information

The Manchester Health Department works with the State of New Hampshire Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) in a cooperative effort to prevent childhood lead poisoning. The provisions of Chapter 130-A of the NH Revised Statutes Annotated and He-P 1600 of the NH Code of Administrative Rules relative to childhood lead poisoning are enforced by the State of NH CLPPP. The City Health Department is devoted to working with property owners and tenants to prevent children from ever becoming lead poisoned. In addition, the Health Department protects the health of the residents of the City by insuring that abrasive paint removal is conducted without creating a hazard to the health, of children, occupants, or the general public.

Download the City of Manchester Ordinances relative to Chapter 91.20 Lead Poisoning Prevention.

Download a copy of the Abrasive Paint Removal Permit provided for this purpose by the Manchester Health Department.