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Rockingham Trail

Distance: 3.1 miles

Access Points: Lake Massabesic, Candia Road, Tarrytown Road

The Rockingham Recreational Trail follows an abandoned railroad corridor from Tarrytown Road (Elliot Hospital) to Lake Massabesic.  The trail is approximately 10 ft wide and unpaved and is highly utilized by walkers, joggers, and trail cyclists.  At Lake Massabesic, trail users can continue into an additional trail network at Lake Massabesic.  The Rockingham Recreational Trail connects east-side residents to the amenities of urban Manchester, such as shopping, professional offices, and medical care.  Additionally, urban residents have access to the trail to connect them to the natural and rural setting of Lake Massabesic without depending on motorized transport.

The City of Manchester recently completed the Peabody Avenue Bridge, which allowed trail users at-grade, continuous passage from Tarrytown Road to Lake Massabesic.  As part of the project, a gravel base was placed from Proctor Road to Lake Shore Ave to allow for a more stable base and improve the trail experience.  Future phases of the Rockingham Recreational Trail include the clearing, widening, and paving of the trail from Tarrytown Road to Lake Massabesic, to increase usage and to provide a safe, alternative mode of transportation to access the amenities the City of Manchester has to offer.