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American Rescue Plan Reporting


(AS OF Q3-2022)

Finance Department Programs

Revenue Replacement (City Budget)

Funds used within FY22 and future annual budgets to make up for lost city revenue. The City has opted to take advantage of a $10,000,000 allowance permitted under this expenditure category.

  • Total Obligation: $10,000,000.00 
  • Total Expenditure: $3,591,791.36 
  • Percent Expended: 36%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable 

Fee Waivers 

Waiver of online service fees to facilitate residents' virtual payment of City services and taxes.

  • Total Obligation:  $593,484.38
  • Total Expenditure: $593.484.38
  • Percent Expended: 100%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable 


  • Total Obligation: $10,593,484.38
  • Total Expenditure: $4,185,275.74

Fire Department Programs

Emergency Management Coordinator

Extension of funding to support existing Emergency Management Coordinator position through 2026.

  • Total Obligation: $601,518.80 
  • Total Expenditure: $117,574.88
  • Percent Expended: 20%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable


  • Total Obligation:  $601,518.80 
  • Total Expenditure: $117,574.88  

Health Department Programs

Healthy Food Access Strategic Plan & Implementation

Update the City's Healthy Food Access Strategic Plan and implement priorities identified in the plan.

  • Total Obligation: $412,404 
  • Total Expenditure: $51,900.76
  • Percent Expended: 12.6%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable 

Healthy Corner Stores Project

Funding to increase the ability of local corner stores to offer healthy options.

  • Total Obligation: $572,200 
  • Total Expenditure: $48,560.30
  • Percent Expended: 8.5%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable 

Community Health Worker Program

Work with Manchester Police Department to address neighborhood-level health concerns and to assist residents seeking intervention or services. 

  • Total Obligation: $6,000,000 
  • Total Expenditure: $455,757.35
  • Percent Expended: 7.6%
  • Staff Hired: 5


  • Total Obligation: $6,984,604
  • Total Expenditure: $556,218.41

Manchester Economic Development Office 

Re-hiring for Positions of Economic Development Director and Business Liaison

Staffing the Manchester Economic Development Office (MEDO) in response to the negative economic impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of MEDO is to provide guidance and support to the business community.

  • Total Obligation: $1,334,286.26 
  • Total Expenditure: $141,441.59
  • Percent Expended: 10.6%
  • Staff Hired: 2 Full-Time Employees

Branding Strategy Modernization & Promotion Program

Initiative to update and modernize City of Manchester’s branding strategy, to better support the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and our local hospitality and tourism industries that have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Total Obligation: $2,000,000
  • Total Expenditure: $18,880
  • Percent Expended: 0.9%


  • Total Obligation:  $3,334,286.26 
  • Total Expenditure: $160,321.49

Planning & Community Development Department (PCD) Program

Ready, Set, LAUNCH

This program is a universal Newborn Home Visit Program for new mothers with the aim of reducing child maltreatment. This program aligns with the ARPA’s eligible public health uses due by: 1) addressing disparities in public health that have been exacerbated by the pandemic; and 2) facilitating access to resources that improve health outcomes, including services that connect residents with health care resources and public assistance programs and build healthier environments among populations disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. In general terms, home visit programs have been shown to promote effective parenting and healthy family functioning.

  • Total Obligation: $1,073,839.20
  • Total Expenditure: $83,943.43
  • Percent Expended: 7.8%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable

Small Business Grants & Progam Assistance (SPGPA)

A reimbursement-based grant program to increase capacity for financial and techincal assistance to COVID-19-affected small businesses in order to sustain long-term success in a post-pandemic business environment. 

  • Total Obligation: $2,000,000 
  • Total Expenditure: $839,426.57
  • Percent Expended: 42%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable

Additional Administrative Planning Support

Hiring two (2) staff in the Department to oversee ARPA programming and reporting requirements

  • Total Obligation: $1,250,262.38 
  • Total Expenditure: $148,067.12 
  • Percent Expended: 11.2%
  • Staff Hired: 2 Full-Time Employees

Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Makes investments in the existing Affordable Housing Trust Fund, to increase access to safe affordable housing. These funds can be made
available to organizations to develop new affordable, transitional, and supportive non-congregate housing projects, as well as provide grants for individuals to apply for assistance in order to stay in their homes as they age, grants for emergency home repairs for low income individuals, grants for landlords to make improvements to their properties if their properties
remain affordable for a prearranged time, make their units eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, and other eligible uses to increase the amount of affordable housing within the City.

  • Total Obligation: $3,000,000
  • Total Expenditure: $95,843.72
  • Percent Expended: 3.2%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable

Community Event & Activation Grant Program (CEAG)*

RFP-based grant program offering nonprofit organizations, individuals and
neighborhood groups that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 to apply for grant funding ($1,000 to $10,000) for events or physical investments to foster tourism, improve cultural infrastructure and support neighborhood beautification. Program is administered through two (2) competitve application rounds taking place in spring and summer 2022. 

  • Total Obligation: $1,000,000
  • Total Expenditure: $99,709.02
  • Percent Expended: 10%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable


  • Total Obligation: $7,324,101.58
  • Total Expenditure: $1,266,989.86

*CEAG program administered by PCD but reported under "Revenue Replacement" category assigned to Finance Department. 

Police Department Programs

Adverse Childhood Experiences Response Team (ACERT)

To support children and families exposed to violence through the operation of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Response Team (ACERT). ACERT involves the coordinated efforts of local law enforcement, health care, and social service providers.

  • Total Obligation: $2,272,156.25
  • Total Expenditure: $313,150.43
  • Percent Expended: 13.8%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable

Law Enforcement Support for Violent Crime Reduction and Prevention

The program will increase foot patrols in high crime neighborhoods and support investigative overtime for violent crime cases.

  • Total Obligation: $2,708,333.33 
  • Total Expenditure:  $728,797.91
  • Percent Expended: 26.9%
  • Staff Hired: 3


  • Total Obligation: $4,980,489.58
  • Total Expenditure: $1,041,948.34     

Public Works Department

Neighborhood Environmental Improvement

Funding for making improvements within public rights-of-way and City-owned facilities that address neighborhoods that experience chronic violent crime problems.

  • Total Obligation: $792,317.71
  • Total Expenditure: $378,048.00
  • Percent Expended: 47.7%
  • Staff Hired: Not Appliable 

Park Rangers (staff hiring) 

Hiring of three (3) park rangers operating in the City's public parks to increase community active living to make Manchester's facilities safer, cleaner and more accessible. 

  • Total Obligation: $1,293,399.47
  • Total Expenditure: $195,689.83
  • Percent Expended: 9.5%
  • Staff Hired: 3

City Hall Ventilation Upgrades

Perform the necessary ventilation upgrades to City Hall to improve the prevention of contagious diseases.

  • Total Obligation: $727,499
  • Total Expenditure: $36,796.00
  • Percent Expended: 5.1%
  • Staff Hired: Not Applicable


  • Total Obligation: $2,813,216.18
  • Total Expenditure: $610,533.83



Total Obligations: $37,038,216.40

Total Expenditure: $7,938,862.55

Percent Expended: 21.4%