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Tax Collector, Office of the (0310)

The Office of the Tax Collector, also known as the Tax Office, Tax Collector, Tax Department, etc., has existed in some form since the City of Manchester was established, and also existed before Manchester was granted city-hood. The office was held in conjunction with the Office of Treasurer by one individual, Henry Chamberlin, from 1860-1871.


General Index of Mortgages, 1858 (Accession 2007.15)

This volume lists the mortgagee (bank or individual), the mortgager, volume, and page. It is not clear if the volume and page refer to the deed book volume and page. If the mortgage has been discharged, it is stamped with the date.

Property/Real Estate Tax Records, 1845-1965 (0310.001)

This collection consists of records relating to property and real estate located in the City of Manchester, and the taxes related to those properties. Most of the records document property/real estate tax, but some also document other taxes. Strengths of the collection include property tax books (which include property descriptions, values of livestock and carriages, and other information related to a property) and advertisements of lands sold by the Office of the Tax Collector due to non-payment of taxes. Redemption records and Sale of Lands records may also include property descriptions. Digitized items from the collection can be accessed below and via the finding aid.

Digital Items:

Poll Tax Records, 1914-1986, (0310.002)

Poll Taxes, or Head Taxes, were collected by the Tax Collector each year. The volumes do not offer an explanation as to why individuals paid a poll tax to the City of Manchester. Records list names, ages, and addresses of individuals. Digitized items from the collection can be accessed below and via the finding aid.

Further information can be found on the addresses listed by referencing the City's Online Assessment Database.

Digital Items:

Residential Tax, 1971-1986 (0310.004)

Microfilm images of residential taxes executed in Manchester from 1971-1986. Arranged alphabetically by year.

Sales, Abatements, Inventories, Exemptions, & Redemption Records, 1845-1914 (Accession 2005.8)

These records contain abatement requests, sales of resident and non-resident lands, exemptions, redemptions of property, advertisements of land sales and an 1860 inventory of tax revenues. There is also an 1863 book of non-resident land sales and an 1864 book of resident land sales.

Unpaid Taxes Journals, 1874-1877; 1879-1883; 1905-1912 (Accession 2006.11)

The State of New Hampshire issued warrants to the Manchester Collector of Taxes authorizing the office to collect unpaid taxes. The warrants authorize the Tax Collector to seize goods and chattels in lieu of monetary payment or commit the individual to the county jail until the debt was paid. Twelve journals total; there is one undated draft journal of individuals owing tax.