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Business License

A business or business activity required to file includes: Butchers; Petty Grocers; Huckster; Peddlers; Hawkers; Common Victualers: Dealers in and keepers of shops for the purchase, sale or barter of junk, old metals or second-hand articles; Pawnbrokers; Taxicab companies; Companies engaged in towing motor vehicles without the consent or authorization of the owner or operator; Employment offices; Establishments engaged in Sunday activities; Circuses; Carnivals; Performers and exhibitors; Arcades; Dances, dance halls or entertainment places of assembly; Transient or itinerant photographers; Peddlers; Fairs.

It is always recommended, however, to call the Business Licensing and Enforcement Division of the Office of the City Clerk at (603) 624-6348 to determine if your business or activity requires a license.

License applications may be obtained at the Office of the City Clerk or you may download:


Business license costs vary depending on your specific activity. Any questions regarding the necessity of obtaining a license or the fees and specific regulations can be answered by a representative of the Business Licensing & Enforcement Division of the Office of the City Clerk at (603) 624-6348.

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