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Manchester K-9 Unit

Meet our K9 Officers and their Partners!

The Manchester Police K-9 Unit was established in 1966.  The K-9 Unit is currently comprised of eleven patrol  teams that are trained to search, locate, and apprehend suspects, find lost individuals, and recover evidence.  Two sergeants are assigned as trainers and supervise the deployments, training, and logistics within the unit.  All K-9 teams are cross-trained in specialties to include the detection of illegal drugs, explosive ordinance and ballistic (firearm) detection.  K-9 teams are assigned to the Patrol Division and provide assistance to all divisions within the agency and mutual aid to other agencies, when requested.   K-9 teams routinely respond to high-risk calls for service to ensure the safe and successful resolution of any incident.  Two K-9 teams are selected and assigned to the SWAT team.  These teams receive additional specialized training and deploy during SWAT operations. 

The K-9 drug detection teams are utilized during illegal-drug and interdiction operations. These teams are highly trained to seek out and locate concealed contraband.  K-9 teams are trained to detect illegal drugs in many ways, to include searching packages, vehicles, buildings, open areas, and locating hidden compartments. 

The K-9 explosive ordinance and ballistic detection teams are used to assist in the dectection of explosive material and ballistic-related evidence.  These deployments include safeguarding the public during large events, protection of dignitary visits, responding to reports of suspicious activity, threats of violence, shootings, and assisting in high-risk calls for service. 

K-9 officers are selected based upon their motivation, drive, and determination so that they may handle the demanding requirements of the assignment.  After being selected to the K-9 Unit, teams must successfully complete their basic patrol and specialty detection training.  Teams are then required to complete vigorous, monthly in-service and daily training to maintain a high level of proficiency and readiness.  The K-9 Unit certifies to the standards set forth by the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) for patrol, tracking, and specialty detection.

Each canine resides with its respective handler during its tenure of service and remains with the handler upon being retired from service.  Once retired, the handler and their family accept full financial responsibility and provide full care for the canine. The Manchester Association of Police K-9s was established in 2018 with a purpose to raise money to assist with financial support to the K-9 heros, so they can live a long, and well-deserved, retirement.

Manchester Police K9 Officers and their partners

Officer_Foster Officer_Fierimonte
Officer_Grant Officer_Martens
Officer_McAuliff Officer_Megowen
Officer_Tennis Officer_Tucker
Officer_Tyler Officer_Valenti


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