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Evidence Unit

Evidence TechnicianThe Investigative Division’s Evidence Unit is currently staffed by three Evidence Technicians:

To reach the Evidence Division,
please call (603) 792-5577

Hours: Monday thru Friday
7:30am-3:30 pm

The Evidence Unit is responsible for processing, storing and releasing all evidence and found property that comes in the possession of the Manchester Police Department.

The department takes in over 11,000 pieces of property per year.  An annual Property Auction is held the second weekend in the month of May.  Location of the auction is White Farm, 144 Clinton St., Concord, NH.

If you wish to inquire about or claim property being held at the Manchester Police Department, it is strongly advised that you call the Evidence Office to schedule an appointment.

Documents required for the releasing of property.
  • Case number
  • Proper ID
  • Probate Court paper work
  • Court Orders required when items taken on search warrants & domestic violence petitions.
  • Notarized paper work authorizing the release of property to persons other than the owner.
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