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Vendor Information

Section 6109 of Internal Revenue Service Code and RSA 282A:7 (State of New Hampshire “New Hire” reporting requirements), mandate that all vendors complete and sign the most recent version of form W-9, currently “Revised January 2011,” and the City’s Vendor Information Sheet. Corporations, otherwise exempt form backup withholding, must certify their exemption with a completed and signed W-9 form. Failure to provide this documentation may result in delayed payments and the mandatory withholding of 30% of payment due.

The form W-9 and City’s Vendor Information Sheet are available for download below. The W-9 and Information Sheet can be filled in online and printed or printed blank and filled in later by hand.

Please complete and submit the W-9 and City’s Vendor Information Sheet to the City Department or individual that is purchasing the product or service.