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Landlords and Tenants

If You Are A Landlord

The City of Manchester, NH requires that all residential rental property within the City have a Certificate of Compliance in accordance with the regulations set forth in Chapter 150 Housing Code of the City of Manchester, Code of Ordinances.  Owners of properties bought or sold with an expired Certificate may be subject to penalties.  In order to avoid this and to verify the status of a building please contact our office (603) 624-6450.

Some items of importance are the need for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors powered by the house current in each dwelling unit, common hallway, basement and attic; screens and storm windows; lead paint and sanitation.

New owners of properties with valid (unexpired) certificates are required to file a Transfer of Ownership.  This form should be submitted along with a check for $50.00 payable to the City of Manchester, NH.

Properties which were previously vacant or owner occupied (prior to September 2, 1986) will need to file an Application for Certificate of Compliance.  Fees are calculated as follows: $25 application fee per dwelling unit plus a $50.00 inspection fee per dwelling unit or, for rooming units, there is a $25.00 application fee per rooming unit plus a $25.00 inspection fee per rooming unit. Once the Application and fees have been received, the building will be scheduled for inspection. Upon correction of any violations found, a three year Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

An Application for Transfer Permit is required if a property with outstanding violations is being bought or sold. This allows the new landlord to take ownership of the property with responsibility for the violations noted. Please contact the Building Department for related fees.

If You are A Tenant

Tenants living in the City of Manchester should expect to find suitable housing. If, however, you feel there are code violations in your apartment, a complaint must first be filed with the landlord.  Code violations include issues such as no heat, defective plumbing, leaks, or rodent or pest infestation. If the complaint is not addressed within a reasonable time, a complaint may then be filed with the Planning and Community Development Department. Once a complaint is filed, an inspector will visit the property to verify the violation. Upon completion of the inspection, a violation notice will be sent to the owner.

Tenant/landlord disputes (ie. rent increase, eviction, etc.) should be referred to New Hampshire Legal Assistance located at 1361 Elm Street, Manchester, NH. They may be reached by telephone at (603) 668-2900.

Filing a Housing Complaint

If you wish to make a complaint, please use this form.   The complaint form may be delivered to the Planning and Community Development Department, emailed to PCD@manchesternh.gov with "Housing Complaint" in the subject line, or made by telephone by calling (603) 624-6450.  All persons filing complaints must provide their name, address and unit number and be prepared to allow an inspector to observe the issue complained of.