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Be a steward of your favorite park or trail.

Adopt-A-Site encourages local businesses, landscaping professionals, and volunteers to assist with the beautification of City land.

We look forward to working together to keep Manchester looking beautiful! Click this link if you are interested in adopting a site listed below: Site Request.


Adopt-A-Veteran Memorial Plaque 

Military squares are memorial spaces throughout the city dedicated to Manchester residents who lost their lives while serving their country. All fourteen squares have a plaque honoring the veteran who made the ultimate sacrifice.

In a partnership between Ward 10 Alderman, Bill Barry, and the City, the Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery Division made the plaques available for adoption for $300. The donation paid for cleaning, restoring, and preserving the plaque and mounting post.

Below is an example of before and after the restoration process.

Sargent Robert W. Lewis Born May 6, 1922 Died November 2, 1942 Lakeland, Florida Before and After

Newly Adopted

  • Bernard C. Mullen (1908-1944), adopted by The Ancient Order of Hibernians
  • Gerald R. Helmich (1931-1969), adopted by the Office of the City Solicitor
  • John J. Sullivan (1907-1942), adopted by Mary Heath, Ann Sullivan, Grace Sullivan,  and Kathleen Sullivan
  • Joseph H. W. Roux (1921-1943), adopted by Blue Ribbon Property Improvement and Sweeney Family
  • William M. Jutras (1891-1918), adopted by Blue Ribbon Property Improvement and Sweeney Family
  • Arthur M. St. Pierre (1920-1944), adopted by Alderman Pat Long
  • Maurice J. St. Germain (1921-1941), adopted by Guy St.Germain, Maggie St. Germain Pilotte, and Gerry Pilotte
  • Bernard B. Barry (1893-1918), adopted by the Manchester Retired Firefighters Association
  • Herman F. Little (1893-1918), adopted by Gary and Heidi Hamer and Mark and Paula Mahoney
  • Francis P. Lally (1919-1943), adopted by Margaret-Ann Moran and Joyceann Fitzgerald-Guill
  • Robert W. Lewis (1922-1942), adopted by Water Works
  • Roger B. Cote (1930-1950), adopted by Blue Ribbon Property Improvement and Sweeney Family
  • Joseph Roger Raymond (1921-1943), adopted by Richard and Elaine Plante
  • Roland A Metivier (1919-1943), adopted by Raymond and Michelene Bouchard


1.W. SalmonCapital ImprovementsAvailable
2.Goffstown Rd Median - Exit 6Capital ImprovementsAvailable
3.DW Hwy and Maple StCapital ImprovementsAvailable
4.Amoskeag Bridge MedianCapital ImprovementsAvailable
5.Rock Rimmon ParkVolunteerAdoptedSt. Anselm College Meelia Center for Community Service
6.Canal St Median - NorthProfessional Maintenance / Capital ImprovementsAvailable
7.Oak ParkVolunteerAdoptedOak Park Neighborhood Watch Group
8.Eddy/Dionne/Bremer IntersectionCapital ImprovementsAdoptedSouthern New Hampshire Landscaping
9.Bridge St and Mammoth Rd IntersectCapital ImprovementsAvailable
10.Wellington Rd MedianCapital ImprovementsAvailable
11.Lewis SquareCapital ImprovementsAvailable
12.Martineau ParkVolunteerAdoptedRimmon Heights Watch Group
13.Simpson/Lafayette ParkVolunteerAdoptedHealing Hands Chiropractic
14.John Walsh WayCapital ImprovementsAdoptedMembers First Credit Union
15.Kociuszko ParkVolunteerAdoptedYMCA of Downtown Manchester
16.Pulaski ParkVolunteerAdoptedArik & Aidyn Arsenault
17.Victory ParkVolunteerAvailable
18.Bronstein ParkVolunteerAdoptedUnitarian Universalist Church
19.Enright ParkVolunteerAdoptedLife! Church
20.Harriman ParkVolunteerAvailable
21.Canal St Median - SouthProfessional Maintenance / Capital ImprovementsAvailable
22.Gateway ParkVolunteerAdoptedYMCA of Downtown Manchester
23.Granite St Median - EastProfessional Maintenance / Capital ImprovementsAvailable
24.Kalivas ParkVolunteerAvailable
25.Sheehan Basquil ParkVolunteerAvailable
26.Sheriden-Emmett ParkVolunteerAdoptedCDM Smith
27.Valley CemeteryVolunteerAdoptedTanya Frazier
28.Prout ParkVolunteerAdoptedThe Moore Center / Cynthia Wyman
29.Bruno SquareVolunteerAdoptedKathy Staub
30.Granite St Median - WestProfessional Maintenance / Capital ImprovementsAvailable
31.Sweeney ParkVolunteerAdoptedFaithBridge Church
32.Bass Island ParkVolunteerAvailable
33.Second St Medians @ Queen City AveProfessional Maintenance / Capital ImprovementsAvailable
34.Queen City Ave/Beech St IntersectionCapital ImprovementsAvailable
35.Howe ParkVolunteerAvailable
36.Precourt ParkVolunteerAvailable
37.Crystal LakeVolunteerAvailable
38.Pine Island ParkVolunteerAdoptedNew Hampshire Parrothead Club
39.Corey SquareVolunteerAdoptedRobert Deringer
40.Massabesic St. and Old Falls Rd.Professional MaintenanceAvailable
41.Bull StatueVolunteerAdoptedInkSpot
42.Heritage Trail EntranceVolunteerAdoptedThe Vaillancourt Family
43.Livingston Park Warming HutVolunteerAdoptedCity of Manchester Employee Quality Council
44.Jutras ParkVolunteerAdoptedRimmon Heights Watch Group
45.Massabesic Traffic CircleProfessional MaintenanceAvailable
46.Notre Dame Bridge ParkVolunteerAdoptedRimmon Heights Watch Group
47.Piscataquog Trail MedianVolunteerAdoptedPaula Bedard
48.E. Industrial Park DriveVolunteerAdoptedBURNDY LLC Inc.
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